2016 is the year of the baby. Nick and I are officially scheduled for IVF with ICSI in March. After three long years of pre-baby purgatory, this party is finally getting started.

(If you don't know what IVF and ICSI are, let me know because I love talking about this. Or google it! Bodies are weird and I'm sure you're going to learn something that you either didn't learn in sex ed or you completely forgot. Did you know sometimes they have you take birth control before you start fertility treatments? This shit is crazy.)

We are incredibly lucky and...fine, I'll say it, blessed to be able to do this. Three years ago, when Baby Quest started, we wouldn't have been able to afford this. Any insurance coverage for this stuff is extremely rare and we definitely weren't earning enough to pay for it until now.

Nick's work switched insurance recently to add coverage for fertility treatments. To have a company that's willing to make this change for its employees is amazing. To have this change happen right when we need it is insane. To have this cover almost the entire amount of our treatments is fantastic. I can't say enough about how perfectly everything lined up and how incredibly thankful I am.

I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm excited.